MIRAN - production of protective face shields

MIRAN - production of protective face shields


We have launched our new product face shields.

Защитный экран для лица, щиток из ПЭТ или ПВХ  Защитный экран для лица производства МИРАН можно купить оптом. Щитки для медицинских учреждений, лабораторий, салонов красоты, магазинов и для личного использования

Face shields are mandatory in some countries and institutions. Many companies, whose employees are in contact with visitors and colleagues, has a regime of regular wearing of masks and shields.
Shield has a barrier function. It is designed to protect the eyes and respiratory organs from dust, small mechanical particles and spray of biological fluids.

Shields can be used wherever there is many people are in contact:

1. Medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, maternity hospitals).
2. Shops (cashiers, consultants).
3. Beauty industry (Hairdressers, salons, nail service etc.).
4. Banking institutions.
5. HoReCa (restaurants, cafes, bars).
6. Schools and other educational establishments.
7. Personal use.

Защитный экран для лица, щиток из ПЭТ или ПВХ  Защитный экран для лица, щиток из ПЭТ или ПВХ

Frequent problems in using shields (according to user surveys):

• bad adjustment off the head position: you have to touch and to adjust the shield constantly;
• small distance between the screen and the face: it is not possible or uncomfortable to wear a mask, respirator or goggles;
• glare of the screen material (especially thin screens);
• no ventilation (small distance between the edges of the mask and the face).

MIRAN shields doesn’t have these disadvantages! ADVANTAGES of our shields:

1. Comfortably regulated by an elastic band.
2. The space between a screen and а face allows to wear glasses, masks, respirators.
3.  Any color of holder is available.
4. Small weight - about 36 gr. Screen thickness from 0.3 to 0.7 mm (we recommend 0.5 mm, since it is more convenient to disinfect and wear).
5. PET or PVC screen available (PET is recommended).
6. Shield is reusable, easy to disinfect.
7. The shield is environmentally friendly, as it is made of recyclable materials. Holder and screen is 100% recyclable.
8. The screen is held securely on the holder and does not come unfastened while you use it.

Защитный экран производства МИРАН.jpg  Защитный экран для лица.jpg

We deliver face shields to your warehouse if required. The minimum order for the production in personal color is 10,000 pieces. Face shields may be available in smaller quantities (depending on the quantity in stock), please send inquiries to sale@miran-bel.com.


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