Resident of the China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great Stone»

MIRAN CJSC became a resident of the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park, whose residence was personally confirmed by the President of the Republic of Belarus. The industrial park corresponds to the concept of a modern international eco-city with an emphasis on high-tech and competitive innovative industries with high export potential.

MIRAN supported a young athlete from Zaslavl

MIRAN, among several companies from Zaslavl, provided financial support to Polina Laminskaya and her coach Alexei Baranovsky for participation in the Muaythai Junior Championship in 2018. Polina took 2nd place.


Logo change, corporate identity and color change. The need for rebranding is dictated by the significantly changed philosophy, range and new services of the company.

Best Importer of the Year 2016

MIRAN was recognized as the best exporter of 2016 in Belarus according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Belarus. We received the award from the hands of our illustrious champion - gymnast Melitina Stanyuta.

IM3D-technology project

A special technology for 3D decoration of plastic is based on MERCK special pigments (cooperation with MERCK more than 20 years)

Production area in Zaslavl

Purchase of a new production building in Zaslavl with 2000 m2 area

Extruder purchase and expansion of superconcentrate production

With the purchase of a new extruder, we switched to the production of superconcentrates on an industrial scale. In the same period, we began to master the most complex MERCK special effect pigments, which led to an increase in orders of color cosmetic packaging

Bottle of Marimba for concern "Kalina" (Russia)

One of the most significant MIRAN`s projects was launched - the bottle of Marimba (concern Kalina)

Start of production in Samokhvalovichi

Launch of the production area in Samokhvalovichi

Production of food packaging for ketchup and mayonnaise

Cooperation with IP Pamaks MKS OJSC, Belfood Production LLC and others in the production of packaging for one of the most popular ketchup and Pamaks mayonnaise in Belarus. For the first time in Belarus, ketchup was packaged in MIRAN plastic bottles!

Start of participation in the exhibitions Foodpack, Intersharm, Rosupack, etc.

Participation in the first exhibition Intersharm (cooperation with this exhibition area continues up to now)

Perfume for Jyna

Collaboration with the company "Novaya zarya" on the project of perfume packaging for the world famous healer Jyna.

Cooperative was registered

October 15, 1991, a cooperative was officially registered, the main activity was the production of moulds, as well as plastic parts for various purposes and packaging

Start of activity and registration of our company

MIRAN CJSC was registered


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