Commercial launch of an innovative full-colour printing technology

A unique full-colour printing technology, elaborated in MIRAN, became the new industry standard. We have developed not only the technology, but also the process equipment and fittings.

Production start in the Great Stone Park

Registration as The China–Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park resident

An important milestone of the company development was the creation of a unique high-tech production in the Great Stone Industrial Park. There is no equivalent production in Belarus or anywhere in the CIS.

MIRAN supported a young athlete from Zaslavl

MIRAN, among several companies from Zaslavl, provided financial support to Polina Laminskaya and her coach Alexei Baranovsky for participation in the Muaythai Junior Championship in 2018. Polina took 2nd place.

Corporate identity rebranding and a new logo

MIRAN's product range was expanded to include unique designer packaging and new decoration options. The new logo reflects the creativity of designing new packaging: a bright and eye-catching colour highlights the individuality and innovative potential of MIRAN.

Best Importer of the Year award

IM3D technology development

An innovative decoration technology based on Merck's effect pigments was developed in MIRAN.

Opening manufacturing facilities in Zaslawye

We purchased new production facilities with an area of 2000 m2.

Start of commercial production of masterbatches

The company purchased a new extruder and started the commercial production of colour masterbatches. We adopted MERCK's complex special effect pigments, thus receiving more orders for colour cosmetic packaging

Marimba bottle for Kalina company (Russia)

We launched one of the company's signature projects - the Marimba bottle. It is a contoured tottle with a pad print decoration and a membrane.

Launch of manufacturing facilities in Samokhvalovichi

By opening new manufacturing facilities in the agricultural town of Samokhvalovichi we significantly stepped up toolmaking and casting production. This dramatically increased the production of cream jars and perfume caps.

Bottle production start. Food packaging for ketchup and mayonnaise

For the first time in Belarus, locally produced plastic bottles for ketchup came into use. MIRAN cooperated with IP Pamax MKS, OOO Belfood Production and Podryadchik company to produce packaging for Pamax ketchup and mayonnaise, the most popular brand in the country at the time.

Start of participation in international trade shows

The company started to actively promote its die molds, packaging and applied machines at international trade shows like Foodpack, Intercharm, RosUpack and Autumn BAZAR.

Producing a unique perfume cap for a joint project of Djuna and Novaya Zarya

We collaborated with Novaya Zarya to produce a perfume packaging for the world-famous healer Djuna.

Company profile

1. Production of die molds for consumer goods. At the beginning, we bought and restored equipment that had been written off.  This helped us to set up a die mold production line and lay the groundwork for the future tool-making facilities.
2. Consumer goods production. Children's footwear with plastic elements and electric water heaters were highly popular items.
3. Cosmetic packaging production.  We cooperated with such industry leaders as "Novaya Zarya" (Moscow), "Severnoye Siyaniye" (St. Petersburg), "Svoboda" (Moscow), "Iberia" (Tbilisi), "Viorica" (Chisinau).

Business start date

On September 20, 1988 MIRAN CJSC was established.


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