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MIRAN produces masterbatches of comlex colors for PE and PP plastics.

We produce masterbatches based on MERCK effect pigments. MIRAN is MERCK partner №1 in the production of masterbatches for cosmetic packaging in the CIS. We do not produce cheep ordinary colors such as white, black, yellow, red, etc. 

6 advantages of MIRAN masterbathes

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Why is MIRAN masterbatches chosen?

MIRAN offers the best time on the market – 3-14 days - and we try to reduce this time in an emergency

We will supply the needed colorant to your other suppliers, including producers of tubes and dispensers. This will guarantee the same color packaging in the line.

MIRAN is the only company in the CIS that has mastered and uses the most complex and advanced developments of Merck pigments.

We use special MERCK pigments, which give the effects of twinkling, glow, shimmer, metallic gloss, "chameleon", 3D- color for creation of original complex colors. Only we can make it.

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