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MIRAN tooling department is a separate structural department and makes moulds for own needs and for sale.

MIRAN tooling department is fully stocked with modern high-productive equipment. It is capable of producing very complicated and technically-challenging moulds, including injection and blow as well as hot runner moulds. We have unique equipment - some machines and devices exist in a single copy and only in our company.

Terms of moulds making, including projection:

  • Injection moulds - 4-5 months;
  • Blow moulds - 45 days.

Why are moulds ordered in MIRAN?

1.   The cost of moulds is significantly lower than European one at the same level of quality and even higher.

2.   About 25 years of experience in mould making. Competitors order moulds in our company!

3.   The maximum weight of mould is 500 kg. We buy standard products in DME (Germany) company and use widely in our mould making. The significant working parts are made from a high-quality steel (Germany), which provide with high resistance of mould parts.

4.   Highly qualified specialists, who have been working in the company since the date of the foundation.

5.   All work with projection and design of moulds are made by our Design-engineering department using 3D modeling software.

6.   We know how to create a mould in the way that the product will have opportunities for decoration in the future. We have a considerable experience in the production of custom cosmetic packaging.

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You can order a mould for the production of products both in-house and in our production areas.

We are responsible for the quality of ready product:

- Each made mould is under technical control and tested many times,

- MIRAN specialists are constantly working on the improvement of technological processes, given the experience of large domestic and foreign manufacturers of moulds.

You can find the product which we produce in the pages of our website “Standard packaging”, “Custom packaging”.


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