WORLD INNOVATION! Unique technology of sustainable decoration – digital printing
Ready-made eco-packaging solutions
MIRAN - the expert in production of cosmetic plastic packaging
Cosmetic packaging production: bottles, jars, caps for bottles, tubes, masterbatches
The most significant experience and expertise in cosmetic packaging decoration in CIS countries
Custom packaging for your successful projects!

MIRAN CJSC produces a standard and custom plastic packaging with eye-catching colors and many decoration options for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical industry.

360 models in product range

450 professional workers

Based in 1989

Every year MIRAN produces about 20 new products with a fresh modern design, significantly different from the competitors product range.

MIRAN competitive advantages

Decoration expert

Silk screen printing (incl. silk screen printing with metallic), hot stamping, pad printing, IM3D decoration. Up to 75% of MIRAN products are produced with decoration.

Customer service

Long-term partnership is top priority. There are no uninteresting or too complex projects for us. We organize excursions to our production area and give expert consultations for our clients. We go on business trips as often as necessary.

Color creation – quickly and free

The fastest (3-12 days) and precise choice of color. Special effects are available: shimmering, glow effects, gold and metallized shine, 3D color, etc.


We are focused on technically new and complex products. MIRAN innovative technologies protect with 100% against imitation, as well as make the packaging unique, customized for consumers’ needs, solve specific problems of a brand and / or product.

Custom packaging for a project

Custom packaging allows to be a recognizable brand, to dissociate from the competitors on the shelf, protect yourself from counterfeit and, as a result, increase sales.

Own mould making

We make very complicated and technically-challenging moulds, hot runner moulds for own needs and for partners.


Reviews about "Miran"
Professional cosmetics «Ice Professional», brand director Marina Lazaruk

The Ice project is the most awaited for our team. This is a new brand and our first professional line with a lot of SKUs. We have been successfully cooperating with MIRAN on exclusive packaging for many years. Therefore, we chose their bottle and jar for our new professional line. We had no doubts about the MIRAN packaging. There were some difficulties at the start of the project, but everything was quickly solved by MIRANs professionals. The bottle is very instagrammable, unusual, and convenient. Consumers are delighted and that’s incredibly pleasant for us.
Ollin Professional. Project: Perfect hair cream-spray 15-in-1

This is not the only project with MIRAN, but Hair cream 15-in-1 was a significant one because the product became a bestseller! Several million consumers use it as home care and in beauty salons. This is the case when the packaging helps to sell the product. The MIRAN manager helped to choose an unusual color that highlights the classic design of the bottle, makes it recognizable and memorable. We are pleased with the consistently high quality (MIRAN is always focused on it). So it is easy to work with the bottle both on the filling line and labeling process.
They trust us
Loren (Letoile)
Natura Siberica
Lé Cafe dé Beaute

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