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Custom packaging

Why do you need custom packaging?

  • It is a competitive advantage: the product stands out among the usual and similar packaging on the shelf, has a professional look in a beauty salon.
  • This is a protection against counterfeit and imitation of your design in an identical package.
  • Looks more professional. As a rule, the individual form is more high-tech, innovative, “honed” for the brand and its products (for their color, consistence, application methods).
  • Compared to standard packaging, there are significantly more opportunities to reflect product concept and brand identity. 

IMG_3031.jpg ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ Органик шоп Body Deserts.jpg Серия Отиум весна 2017 ребрендинг Эстель от МИРАН small.jpg

The process of working on an order with exclusive packaging:


How to order custom packaging?

  • Provide a drawing or prototype, requirements specification and your wishes.
  • Design-engineering department in "MIRAN" designs the product (3-15 days, depend on a project).
  • You receive an electronic layout, visualization and prototype printed on 3D printer.
  • If it is required, we finalize the project and agree on the final version.
  • You get the price of the product and the cost of moulds making for this project. The terms of the project realization and terms of payment are specified.
  • We start mould making and in a few months you receive control samples that are tested and approved.
  • You get the first batch just in time and start to realize your project.


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