Eco-friendly packaging MIRAN

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-packaging solutions:

- Biopolyethylene I`m green (Braskem). It can be used in combination with ordinary polyethylene.

- Reuse up to 30% recycled plastic (production waste from our production mixed with regular plastic).

- Packaging made from 100% monomaterial (PP, PE) is 100% recyclable. Most part of our assortment is 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly solutions in packaging decoration:

·           Silk-screen printing.

·           Full-color eco-printing.

The weight of the paint is very small, so products with such decoration are 100% recyclable. These types of decoration can be applied to any product from all types of plastics.


Wikipedia Facts: 90% of seabirds bodies contains plastic or microplastic, more 400,000 marine animals die each year from plastic contamination. Of all plastic ever produced in the world, only 9% is recycled. In the oceans there are 3 "spots" of plastic waste floating on the surface. They are visible from space. 

The main plastic polluting is disposable tableware and plastic bags. Tetra-packs, doy-packs, and any multilayer packaging (except of special eco-solutions) are non-recyclable. About 80% of PET bottles are not recycled, because of wrong sorting (non-recyclable PVC labels, not screwed polypropylene caps, fluid residues, etc.).  

Why eco-packaging is needed?  

·         The market for organic products and ingredients shows an annual growth of 15-17%;

·         The society has formed an eco-lifestyle, commitment to healthy lifestyles;

·         Сonscious consumption and eco-expertise of buyers. 

Ways to improve the environmental profile of production (rule of 4 "R"):

Reduce  - reduce the weight of packaging, reduce harmful emissions, reduce the use of water, electricity and other resources. 
Recycle - use recycled packaging or produce the product in a package ready for recycling. 
Reuse - reuse packaging. 
Renew - the scope of innovative solutions: packaging and ingredients made from renewable raw materials.

Мaterial I'm green (Braskem)

The material has all the properties of conventional polyethylene, but экоупаковка.jpg differs in the method of production (made from renewable raw materials - sugar cane). It is 100% recyclable, can be painted in different colors by our masterbatches, and also decorated with foil and silk-screen printing. 

In the case of manufacturing a bottle with a soft-touch surface the bottle will consist of I'M Green only 80% (20% is a soft-touch layer). 

Material is uitable for products manufactured under the certificates of Ecocert, COSMEBIO, NATRUE, Soil Association, ICEA, BDIH, etc.





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