Face shield (for adults)

Face shield (for adults)

Face shield (for adults)

The shield has a barrier function. It is designed to protect the eyes and respiratory organs from dust, small mechanical particles, and spray of biological fluids. Suitable for places where many people are in contact: medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, maternity hospitals), shops (cashiers, consultants), educational institutions, beauty industry (hairdressers, salons, private masters), banking institutions, HoReCa (restaurants, cafes, bars), as well as for personal use.
Material ?
Component parts
PE shield, rim holder, rubber for adjusting the fit of the rim, assembly diagram,

• comfortably regulated by an elastic band;

• the space between а screen and а face allows to wear glasses, masks, respirators;

• any color of holder available;

• small weight (about 36 gr). Screen thickness from 0.3 to 0.7 mm (we recommend 0.5 mm, since it is more convenient to disinfect and wear);

• PET or PVC screen available;

• shield is reusable, easy to disinfect;

• the shield is environmentally friendly, as it is made of recyclable materials;

• the screen is held securely on the holder and does not come unfastened while you use it.

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