Career and vacancies

Career and vacancies

Work in MIRAN is a stability, career and professional growth, confidence in the future

MIRAN is not just a leader in Belarus, but one of the most stable companies in the sphere. More than 80% of products are exported to the CIS countries and Europe, which ensures steady growth and stable employment.

27 years

2 production areas (Zaslavl, Samokhvalovichi)

450 professional workers

MIRAN is a social-focused company

We provide our workers with:

·         decent pay

·         timely payment of salary

·         stability and reliability

·         opportunities for the professional development and career growth.

Social guarantees:

·         financial and social support for workers and their families (vouchers for treatment or rest, medical insurance, material support, loans, etc.),

·         partial compensation of expenses for social and living needs of employees who have been working in the company for a long time.

Motivation programs for workers:

·         bonuses, promotional gifts

·         bonuses for annual results

·         a lump-sum bonus with accordance of Founder decision.


We give a sponsorship assistance to state, sport institutions and schools.


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