Technology of foiling (hot stamping)



Foiling (hot stamping, foil stamping) is one of the decoration technologies used in MIRAN production. Gold and silver foil are always in stock. Color foil is also available (firstly check availability of the color before order).

If you wish to buy a unique color you should take into consideration that most foil manufacturers have only a limited number of basic colors in stock. The minimum batch for custom-made foil is always several thousand square meters. 

Лукбук колпачки с фольгой.jpg   Лукбук банка Футурис-300, флакон Софт 300.jpg

It is necessary to make a special cliché to apply foil in the form of a pattern or ornament. The price is individual, depends on the square of design, and is included in a service price. Usually, in the case of ordering a large batch or regular batches, the cliche is made free of charge.

Флаконы с фольгированием.jpg   Банка Ollin Bionika

It is also necessary to manufacture tooling for each package. This is a kind of "holder" for the package, which holds or rolls it depending on the type of equipment. Such tooling has already been made for the part of a standard packaging line. But it may be necessary to manufacture it for other packaging lines. We recommend you to check with the manager the availability of tooling for chosen items, as it may require significant costs and time for manufacturing.

Флаконы Ollin Bionika

Foil stamping applying methods

 On the entire surface
✓ On a cliché (pattern, ornament)
Double foiling (one foil is stamping on the top of the other)

Эстель фольгирование и новые цвета МИРАн на пигментах MERCK (2).jpg

Types of packaging suitable for foiling


Cylindrical (and close to it forms) bottles are the most suitable for foiling.

It is undesirable to use large parts of foil in design. There may be a risk of warping because of the high plasticity of some bottles. There are also restrictions on the foiling area. Better make a foil image no more than 10-12 cm2 in order to obtain a high-quality image. However, each situation needs an individual approach. Please, discuss the design with our experts. They can help to find the way out in every difficult situation, for example, we can split the image into 2 different clichés.

There is also a limitation on the height of the foil application from the bottom edge. It is better to replace the foil with silk-screen printing with silver paint if the foil needs to be applied close to the top of a tall bottle.

Foil is usually used on bottles as a small area in the design: this can be the name of a brand or a line, a graphic element, an ornament.
The cost of the ready package depends on the method of foiling, the size of the applied image, the color of the foil, labor intensity and is calculated individually.

Эксклюзивы - лимитированные коллекции.jpg


Hot foil stamping is applicable to most cylindrical caps. The body of the can be foiled as a whole or in the form of an ornament (foil over a cliché). It was very popular to roll a thin strip of foil over the bottom edge of the cap body in the past. Now, this technique is used less often, because it just went out of "fashion". However, you can use the great opportunity to visual separation of the bottle from the cap, or add some contrasting shine and draw attention to your design.

Колпак Визаж

The foil can be rolled not only on the side surface of the cap but also on the top (if it is flat). The joint between two parts will be almost invisible. 

The injection point of the plastic, located on the view surface of the cap or lid, forms a small break in the foil. This is insignificant for some products. But for others (for premium products), we recommend using our caps RK City and RK City-2. The injection point on them is outside the view surface.

РК Сити фольгир.jpg   Сити-2 фольгир.jpg


Jars’ body

Foil can be applied both on the matt and glossy surface of the body. 

Эстель весна 16.jpg   Эстель шоколатье.jpg

Jars’ closure

Foil can be applied both on the side and bottom surface of most of our closures. But the injection point and flexure on the bottom should be taken into consideration.

крышки с фольгой

Foiling is one of the most essential kinds of decoration. It helps the packaging to look more expensive and to earn more on the product. But you should take into consideration all the requirements and constraints.

We recommend consulting with our experts on the early stage of designing before use foiling.  They will help you to realize the project successfully, keep the deadline, avoid the technological risks and expensive mistakes.

Any questions are welcome! If you want to get free samples with full-color eco-printing, please contact your MIRAN’s personal manager or send a request to Tell us if you need some professional consultation. We are ready to help!


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