WORLD INNOVATION! Full-color eco-printing

WORLD INNOVATION! Unique technology of full-color eco-printing


MIRAN has created and developed a unique technology of full-color eco-printing on cosmetic packaging.   

MIRAN presents a world brand new innovative technology of sustainable decoration. It has no analogs on the market and it can completely replace the label on bottles and jars.

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Full-color eco-printing is digital printing. As a simple analogy, it can be compared to printing on a printer. The paint that is used for printing is non-toxic, and its weight is negligible compared to the weight of the package. Thus, this method of decoration does not prevent plastic recycling and is recognized as eco-friendly.

Full-color printing technology is available on cylindrical bottles and jars.

Read more about the technology, its advantages, and design features for full-color eco-printing below.

лукбук с полноцветом Софт-400 Скинфуд-250 Футура-400 и Симона-50.jpg


✓ The technology is available for a wide range of cylindrical packaging – for bottles and jars 50—500 ml. You can produce series with a large number of SKU in one design.

✓ Attractive and professional look, division from the competitors.

✓ Opportunity to print with the lift (raised elements, texts) to create the most “touching” packaging. Full-color eco-printing is suitable for printing braille.

✓ Full-color eco-printing completely replaces labeling. It is suitable for printing photos, gradients, any full-color images. You can forget about any label’s blemishes: bubbles, peeling, warping, surface imperfections, and others.

✓ Printing without gaps for 360 degrees.

Софт-400 кремовый с полноцветом сбоку рис 2.jpg   Софт-400 с полноцветом.jpg

Specifications for the design

  The design should be done in CMYK.

  All the white color objects should be put on a separate layer.

  Printing on a dark packaging will be done on a white background to keep the brightness and contrast of the colors. 
  The packaging shouldn’t be transparent.

Софт-400 черный с полноцветом рис1.jpg   Футура-400 с полноцветом.jpg

Better to use silk-screen printing

 If the packaging has a small diameter (up to 4 cm).

If the packaging has a small volume – up to 100-150 ml – and you have to print a lot of text on a back label (small text printed with the help of silk-screen printing is more readable).

✓ If it is up to 3 colors in your design and it has no gradients (silk-screen printing costs cheaper).

If you want to use foil in your design better choose foiling or silk-screen printing.

скинфуды-250 с полноцветом близко.jpg   Симона-50 с полноцветом.jpg

Any questions are welcome! If you want to get free samples with full-color eco-printing, please contact your MIRAN’s personal manager or send a request to Tell us if you need some professional consultation. We are ready to help!


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