Upgrading in the series “Kvadris”

NEW! Bottle "Kvadris-150"


Upgrading in the series “Kvadris”. The new bottle “Kvadris-150” is available for order!

Bottle Kvadris-150 has a soft square shape and smart ergonomic: there are no sharp edges that might be uncomfortable in the hand and it doesn’t slip while using. Due to the high neck, the bottle “Kvadris-150” looks high enough on the shelf compering to the bottles of the same volumes in any other design*.

Квадрис-150 с разными колпаками   Сити-150, Квадрис-150, Софт-200.jpg

* On the photo: bottle «City-150», bottle “Kvadris-150” and bottle “Soft-200”.

The shape of the bottle is convenient for labeling or silk-screen printing on 2 or 4 edges. Silk-screen printing is available on request (special tools are needed). 

Квадрис-150 с РК Соло.jpg   Квадрис-150 с РК Стайл рис.jpg

Product highlights and benefits

✓ Individualization

There are different ways to customize the bottle: 4 types of caps are available, soft-touch or glossy surface, silk-screen printing, and any color of the bottle including transparent. 

✓ Ergonomic

There are no sharp corners and all the edges are rounded. The bottle is comfortable to hold in hand and has optimal rigidity (so customers can easily squeeze even a viscous product without overpressure).

✓ Compatibility

A soft square shape of the bottle “Kvadris-150” allows to compare it with other bottles and jars produced by MIRAN in one cosmetic line, and with tubes of other manufacturers.

Лукбук Квадрис-250 квадрис-150 боди-200.jpg   Лукбук Кристалл-300 Квадрис-150 боди-200.jpg

✓ Sustainability

The bottle can be made from 100% mono-material (on request), so it is 100% recyclable. 

MOQ – 10 000 items. The price is calculated individually and depends on the ordered quantity, color, surface, decoration, etc.

Any questions are welcome! If you want to get free samples in selected colors, please contact your MIRAN’s personal manager or send a request to sale@miran-bel.com. Tell us if you need some professional consultation. We are ready to help!


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