Flip-top cap Style in a new design


The design of the flip-top cap Style for the 24/410 neck has been updated. The new design makes the cap easier to open with convinient peak. the force of the first opening is still optimal, so that the product does not leak after purchase or during the delivery.

Стайл.jpg  Стайл.jpg


1. The cap has a matte surface. It can be opaque or translucent. Due to the matte surface the transparent colors of the cap don’t show technical details and give a slight transparency. The cap has easy opening gesture.

2. The diameter of orifice is 4.9 mm. It is the optimal size for fast (but not too fast) flow of any product with different viscosity. This means that the product is squizeed optimally and cost-effectivly, which is appreciated by consumers.

3. Design of orifice made for a clean, secure and controlled dispensing. The cap isn't sticky and looks neat during the entire period of use.

Флакон Тоник-150 с РК Стайл.jpg  Флакон Квадрис-250 с РК Стайл.jpg

The cap design follows the design of the jars «Simonа-50» and «Simonа-200». So the cap helps to combine perfectly jars «Simona» and any bottles with a standard neck 24/410 in one series (for example, our bottles «City», «Soft», «Beauty», «Tropic», «Love», etc).

Лукбук с РК Стайл.jpg  Лукбук с РК Стайл.jpg

The cap is made of 100% monomaterial (polypropylene) so it’s 100% recyclable.

Софт-300, Софт-200 с РК Стайл.jpg  Тоник-150, Сити-150 с РК Стайл.jpg

Send a request to your MIRAN’s personal manager or to sale@miran-bel.com. For getting free samples or a commercial offer in one click please register at our website and click the button on the product page you’d like to get.

Any questions are welcome!


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