New jar Futuris-400


The new beautiful Futuris-400 can (400 ml) has replenished the Series of Futura bottles and Futuris jars.

The jar is suitable for professional products. so for mass-market products.

 Can sealing can be done in 3 ways:

  • sealing
  • foam pad;
  • polypropylene cut-off pad.
Three options for the lid allow the designer to choose the desired effect: with a high matte lid, the Simonа-2 jar will look higher than other competitors on the shelf, and with the Jam lid the jar is suitable for organic and natural cosmetics. A beautiful color with spectacular pigments will help to emphasize the Twist-100 cap.
The surface of the can is matte. A large area for applying the design can be glued with a label or decorated with silk-screen printing up to 6 colors.For a more premium look, we recommend using foil in the design of the front label, as well as on the cover.

The bank consists of 100% monomaterials (polypropylene) and can be recycled. Great for eco products.


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