New jar Alora-250


The MIRAN company’s product portfolio has been replenished with a new jar “Alora-250”.

The surface of the can is glossy, which is ideal for label stickers. The “leg” visually enlarges the can, so your product in the Alora-250 can will be more visible on the shelf and look larger than other products of the same volume. We recommend using a solid color can (without nacre). In this case, the jar fits both the label and the silk screen. Screen printing gives the product a professional look and avoids the operation of labeling (the jar is ready to fill). We recommend using pearly colors of the container only under an opaque label.

his is not the only advantage of the Alora-250 jars: the rounded bottom makes it possible to remove the care products to the end, without residues that usually remain in the corners. The jar “Alora-250” is equipped with one of three lids - Jem (for organic products and organic cosmetics), “Twist-100” (if the design involves a fully glossy jar), “Simona-2” (a high lid visually increases the volume and creates an impression more full product than competitors). Packaging options allow the packaging to exactly match the customer’s product line concept.

Designed for a wide range of makeup products (hair and body), and is also suitable for bulk products.


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