New eco-jar Body-200



MIRAN introduces a unique brand new product! It is a new generation of eco-friendly plastic jars for cosmetics and it sets a new standard in the industry.

Eco jar “Body-200” has a weight 60-70% less than the existing 200 ml jars on the market. Such a significant reduction of plastic allows it to be positioned as sustainable packaging. Also, the jar is made of PP mono-material (100% recyclable). At the same time, the jar retains its tightness, rigidity and all consumer properties.

Банка Боди-200.jpg

Банка Боди-200.jpg  Банка Боди-200.jpg


Eco-jar “Body-200” is completed with the “Body-100” closure, plastic insert “Body-100”. High transparency is achieved due to the small thickness of the jar parts when using transparent colors. This allows to emphasize the color and texture of the product.

The jar is suitable for cosmetic, food, and non-food products (mostly thick or loose). We recommend to carry out leak testing with the product.

Банка Боди-200.jpg  Боди-200 комплектация.jpg

Product highlights and benefits

✓ Sustainability

The jar is made from 100% mono-material, so it is 100% recyclable. 

✓ Design

The jar has a higher height. This allows to use more space for face label design and put a lot of text on the back label.

✓ Decoration

Any variants of decoration are possible: full-color eco-printing, silk-screen printing, foiling, stamping on the closure.

✓ Configuration

The high closure makes the jar looks larger. We recommend sealing the jar with a plastic insert.
The deep high-ear insert is comfortable to use for both male and female hands. Sealing is not recommended (due to possible twisting of the jar after removing the foil), but possible. The size of the edge for sealing on the upper part of the thread is 1.3mm.


Лукбук с Боди-200 фото 2 cut.jpg  Лукбук банка Боди и Квадрисы 250 и 100 карточка.jpg

Лукбук банка Боди-200 Раунд-200.jpg  Лукбук с Боди-200.jpg

MOQ – 10 000 items. The price is calculated individually and depends on the ordered quantity, color, surface, decoration, etc.

Any questions are welcome! If you want to get free samples in selected colors, please contact your MIRAN’s personal manager or send a request to Tell us if you need some professional consultation. We are ready to help!


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