Hand care after antiseptics: jars for hand care products

Hand care after antiseptics: jars for hand care products


Disinfectants and antiseptics dry and dehydrate the skin. So jars for hand care products are a must have now. Hand creams, gels, balms, bio-oils, scrubs and crème- soaps become part of a daily beauty routine.

We offer transparent and opaque jars for personal care products in mass market and premium segment.

 Банка Флип-200.jpg  Банка Флип-200 фото 2
Jar "Flip" with a flip top сlosure (200 ml) comfortably opens and closes with one hand with a distinct click. It’s very convenient to use while your hands  are wet or cream is applied because it not need to screw the closure

 Банка Алора-250 комплектация.jpg  Банка Алора-250 с крышкой Твист-100 вид изнутри и снаружи.jpg
Jar "Alora" (250 ml) has a rounded bottom: you can easy remove and use fully to the last drop your favorite product. Also this jar has a hidden volume at the bottom, it makes the jar higher than the others on the shop shelf.

 Банка Футурис-300 с шелкографией и фольгированием  Банка Футурис-300 с крышками Джем и Твист
Practical and convenient jar "Futuris" (300 ml) with futuristic design

The “Alora” and “Futuris” jars has 4 options of closures and gasket:

1) “Simona-2” will visually increase the packaging volume and highlight it on the shelf,
2) “Jam” will emphasize the environmental friendliness of the care product with natural composition;
3) “Twist” harmoniously completes the packaging of the classic type, where emphasis on glossy surfaces is needed.
4) Plastic gasket “Simona-2” is perfect for sealing for liquid or oil products. Optionally you can use a foamed liner instead of the plastic gasket or use induction sealing at your factory.

Hot stamping and silk-screen printing are both available for jars “Alora” and “Futuris”. Jars with decoration has a more professional look. Packaging with the silkscreen and foiling is ready to fill and does not require the costs and problems with the labeling.

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