Director of MIRAN: we continue to work for you!


Dear partners!

All together we have repeatedly overcome crises, epidemics, and currency fluctuations for 29 years.

Today MIRAN is a company with full production cycle: we ourselves manufacture masterbathes, manufacture and service molds and produce decorated (ready to be filled) packaging. Crises taught us to have alternative suppliers, raw materials in stock, a sufficient number of staff and a financial strength. That is why we are quite stable and able to respond flexibly to crisis situations. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, MIRAN is operating normally. We continue to produce packaging and are ready to meet your needs. Now, in most companies in the industry, equipment is overloaded (3-5 months in advance). We appreciate your patience and understanding! Please note that the terms of production for some packaging in MIRAN are also longer than standard.

We took some measures to minimize risks of COVID-19, and we want to share them:
1. We are increasing stocks of materials for uninterrupted shipment.
2. In February, when the first case of coronavirus was detected in Belarus, the company took enhanced preventive measures: employees were informed about the symptoms of the virus, prevention and hygiene measures.
3. Dispensers with antiseptics are installed in the office and at the factory. One-time use and reusable masks for all employees were boght, were provided free of charge as needed.
4. Meetings are held online, office visits are limited, business trips canceled. Negotiations are held via Skype and telephone calls.
5. Production employees who come in contact with finished products and raw materials work in gloves, which is controlled by craftsmen and the security service.
6. Each person who enters the enterprise passes temperature control of the body in a non-contact way.

We guarantee compliance with all necessary sanitary standards, so you can be sure of the safety of the packaging.

We are working hard for maintaining shipments in-time. Due to the high demand for packaging for antiseptics some machines  are loaded until June-September, we took measures to urgently launch new products. We hope in April-May to significantly increase shipping due to new molds and innovative closures.

We monitor the situation daily, assess risks and opportunities, but at the same time, we are optimistic and take measures to ensure the safety of our and your business.

It always been and will be the main priority of our company!

Director of MIRAN
Maksim Sidorenko


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