Сolor trends for cosmetic packaging 2021 Part 2


Color trends for the beauty industry from Pantone, ingredient suppliers and trending agencies

* The second part of the article about color trends.

   Read part 1 here and part 3 here.

1. Pantone

Colors and color collections for 2021 from the Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone.jpgPantone.jpgPantone 3.jpg



World's largest chemical concern introducing   seasonal color trends for 2020/21 


3. Croda

Croda is one of the leaders in ingredients production and innovative formulations for the beauty and personal care industry. Company provides its customers with color and ingredient trends every year.



4. Peclers Paris

Sustainability has become a significant trend in the beauty industry. One of the leading trending agencies in the world describes its vision of trends as restoring the balance between nature and science, history and cultural heritage, past, present and future.



Use information about trends for your future products. We can develop any color of packaging, including complex colors with special effects like metallic, chameleon, pearl etc. You can use wide range of decoration options: foil hot stamping, silk screen printing and full-color eco-printing.

Please use our catalog to choose the trending packaging.

Read part 1 of the article here, part 3 here.


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