Change of legal address

Change of legal address


The legal address of MIRAN CJSC has changed from July 1, 2019. Our company is a resident of the China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great Stone» now. The Park is located 25 km from Minsk in a unique natural complex and in close proximity to the international airport. Great Stone will be a modern international eco-city with an emphasis on high-tech and competitive innovation productions with high export potential. In the near future, our production and office staff will be located there, we will inform you additionally about the exact dates.

We are excited about this event: for us it is not just great opportunities, but also a special honor and responsibility, because the President of the Republic of Belarus personally confirms the residents of «Great Stone».

The new production will become more modern, flexible and efficient. And our packaging will become better and more affordable! This will allow you to use bright, selling packaging expert level in all price segments!


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