Eхhibition "Rosupack 2022"

Exhibition "Rosupack 2022"


Eхhibition "Rosupack 2022"

The exhibition "Rosupack 2022" was held under the slogan "Packaging without a label!", as MIRAN is one of the few companies in the CIS and Europe that can completely replace paper labels with the help of many decoration options.

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Fresh projects were presented in the "Portfolio" showcase. All of them used MIRAN's capabilities in decoration, exclusive packaging and custom colors. Many novelties and 35 types of decorations were presented in the category "Innovations in decoration".

Фото с выставки РОСУПАК 2022 стенд МИРАН - 23.jpg  Фото с выставки РОСУПАК 2022 стенд МИРАН - 29.jpg

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We gratefull for every visitor of our stand for productive communication during the exhibition!

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