Packaging Ideas for Antiseptic Gels, Antibacterial Cosmetics, and SPA Treatments


The production of antiseptics at the moment is important area for many companies, but now hand care products with antibacterial additives and caring ingredients are also creating. The high demand for bottles for antiseptic products makes almost impossible to order bottles right now if you still didn’t order earlier.

So what to do?

Solution № 1: to produce products in jars. If your product has high viscosity, you can use jars.

According to research data of Nielsen, hand creams and other hand care cosmetics are the fastest growing categories after disinfectants and antiseptics. Creams, gels, balms, scrubs and thick soaps have become a necessity and a part of our beauty routine.

Take a look at the packaging options and product ideas for this category:

Jar "Flip-200" (200 ml) with a convenient flip-top closure
for salon and home care. Suitable for high and low viscosity 
products (sealing is required if case you product is fluid
or contain oil or alcohol).
 Баночка с крышкой флип-топ
It is important for salon masters to open and close the jar
quickly and with one hand. In case of antiseptics this is
critical. Our jar "Flip-200" can fits these requirements:
no need to unscrew the closure, it closes with one hand,
user can remove the product quickly and conveniently.   
Jar "Futuris-400" (400 ml) - ideal for thick soap! Thick soap 
is a great compromise between lovers of solid and liquid 
soaps. Also it's a brand new type of soap.
Баночка для мыла, крема или маски. 400 мл
Some companies have in their assortment products based
on thick soap in jars: black soap, soap for the sauna, soap
scrub for hands and body, etc. The uniqueness of using a
thick soap from a jar is a not only “new way how-to-use”, it’s
a part of the SPA ritual at home.

So another important area of ​​hand care cosmetics are SPA cosmetics. The idea to ​​set us up in a SPA salon in our own bathroom will surely please your customers. Offer them SPA!

Packaging for spa products should be different from ordinary jars and tubes. SPA care is associated with professional care and a salon procedure. That’s why the packaging should not look “usual” and cheap! It should looks as a luxury item and decorates a bathroom or dressing table. This is the kind of packaging that MIRAN produces!

Take a look at our photo to find out new ideas for your future hand care products:

Идея баночки для органической косметики, серии косметики с натуральными ингредиентами
Jar "Twist-250" with a closure "Jam". A closure is extremely
convenient: it doesn’t slip in a wet or creamy hand, at the
same time not prick or scratch hands.
3-2 Спа-салон у себя дома 3.jpg
Antibacterial gel and hand treatment cream in one set
will double your sales! A standard assortment of MIRAN
jars and a variety of closures will allow you to find the right
solution for the design of any product line.

 Баночки для крема, масок и кондиционеров (200 мл и 50мл)

                Jars "Flip-200" and "Simona-50n"   


  Баночки для крема 120 мл, 75 мл и 400 мл

           Jars "Futuris-400", "Litti-120" and "Litti-75"


Серии и отдельные баночки для крема. Возможно применение для антисептических гелей и продуктов с антибактериальной направленностью
Баночки для пилинга, скраба и кремов для рук и ног, а также для средств для волос  СПА-уход для рук


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