Cap "Style"

Cap "Style", standard neck 24/410 DIN

Cap "Style"

Flip top cap with original minimalistic design. Suitable for any bottle with a standard neck 24/410, including PET bottles of other manufacturers. The matte body contrast with the glossy groove between the top and bottom of the cap. This contrast can be enhanced by the using colors with pigments.
The cap design follows the design of the jars Simonа-50 and Simonа-200. So the cap helps to combine jars Simona and any bottles with a standard neck 24/410 perfectly in one series.
Material ?
Neck type
Surface ?
glossy, matte,
Closure type
flip-top cap,
Diameter, mm
Колпаки РК Стайл и РК Стайл-2  Колпаки РК Стайл и РК Стайл-2

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