Bottle "Skinfood-250"

Series "Skinfood"

Bottle "Skinfood-250"

Skinfood series bottles have a unique design. It can be used as universal cosmetic packaging for women's, men's, children's products both for mass market and professional cosmetics. The apothecary design of the bottle helps to emphasize environmental friendliness, natural origin, or active herbal ingredients of the product.

Colors of nature are the most suitable for the bottle as well as slightly transparent colors. Transparency creates the effect of "frosty glass".

MOQ – 10 000 items. The price is calculated individually and depends on the ordered quantity, color, surface, decoration, etc.
Material ?
Neck type
Surface ?
soft-touch or without soft-touch,
Height with cap
164 mm
silk screen printing, full-color sustainable printing,
Component parts
disk-top cap "Сity", cap "Simple", flip-top cap "Style", "Solo-3", dispensers of other manufacturer,
Closure type
disk-top cap, dispensers and pumps, flip-top cap, screw cap,
Лукбук Скинфуд-250, Симона-200, Софт-100, Сити-400.jpg   Скинфуд-250, Футурис-300, РК Соло, Крышка Симона-200.jpg

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