Bottle "Lumi"

Series "Lumi"

Bottle "Lumi"

Flat bottle with a modern asymmetric shape. Suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products. The ergonomic shape allows to hold it comfortably in hands, while the sufficient label margin enables for creative design.
Smooth lines allow you to combine a bottle with the “Body” jars, bottles of the “Tropic”, “Marseille” and “Candy” series.
MOQ – 10 000 items. The price is formed individually depending on the selected options (color, surface, decoration).
Material ?
Neck type
Surface ?
glossy (without soft-touch),
Height with cap
184 mm
Component parts
disk-top cap "Сity", cap "Simple", flip-top cap "Style", dispensers of other manufacturer,
Closure type
disk-top cap, dispensers and pumps, flip-top cap, screw cap,
Лукбук с Люми-250 Боди-200 Кэнди-300.jpg Лукбук с Люми-250, Боди-200, Софт-100 Лукбук с Люми-250, Марсель-350.jpg Лукбук с Люми-250 Боди-200 Софт-100 Марсель-350.jpg

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